Autonomatic host Tom Bewick, CEO of Creative and Cultural Skills

January 26, 2010

After meeting Tom Bewick, CEO of Cretive and Cultural Skills, at the CRAFT Blueprint launch at the House of Commons last June, I managed to persuade him to come to visit Autonomatic in the Design Centre to get to know a bit more about Digital Craft at UCF. Tom made it down last Thurs – 21st Jan – with Alvin White, Senior Policy Advisor. The Autonomatic team gave them a tour and a visual presentation and were joined by Patrick Gottelier, UCF’s Director of Design and Jason Cleverly, Course Leader for Contemporary Crafts. Tom was impressed and suggested that policy makers were largely unaware of this kind of work within the Crafts sector, and that they definitely needed to know about it! 

Autonomatic provided feedback through an open consultation on the development of the CRAFT Blueprint in 2008. The CRAFT Blueprint is one of CCskills strategy documents for creative industry sectors.   A piece of Drummond Masterton’s work appears on page 33 and Autonomatic get a mention on page 42.

See the Blueprint at 

and Tom’s twitter at


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