Autonomatic in Tallinn

November 27, 2009

We were invited to exhibit as guest group at the 5th Estonian Triennial for the Applied Arts, so if you happen to be in Tallinn pop in to the Estonian Museum of Applied Arts, were we will be showing until February the 21st.

The Triennial, with the title “Know How”, is curated by Kärt Maran focussing on the notion of ‘the knowledge of making’. All the contributors to the show were required to submit a manual of how the artefact had been created, this manual is shown along side the exhibits to Illustrate how the knowledge of process and material, is such a key aspect for applied arts sector.

As a part of the Triennial a one day symposium with contributors mainly from Estonia but also a couple of international speakers including Tavs from Autonomatic. The other international speaker was the Israeli designer Ronen Kadushin, who outlined his work with open source design.

The symposium was moderated by Kai Lobjakas who also curated a really interesting satellite show at the Hobusepea Gallery which featured the Estonian DIY magazine: “Practical Kunst ja Kodu” (which was published until the 1970s).

The whole event was really cohesive focused on the notion of making and “know how” of the maker.

Link to the event:


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