Mike Eden and Ann Marie Shillito talk and demo at UCF

June 8, 2009

Following an invitation from Autonomatic, Mike Eden and Ann Marie Shillito delivered an inspiring afternoon of talks and a ‘hands on – try out’ of the latest budget haptic devise, The Falcon from Novint.

Following his MPhil at the Royal College of Art, Mike Eden has had a whirlwind of success with a collaboration with the French technology company, Axiatec. His work is based on using Rapid Prototyping technology in conjunction with unique materials developed by Axiatec. Mike showed samples of these materials include an amazing infiltrate that convents the standard Zcorp RP material to a refractory body which can be exposed to temperatures up to 1500º C.

– more info on Mike’s work here: http://www.edenceramics.co.uk/

Ann Marie Shillito is a research fellow in the Department of Design and Applied Art at Edinburgh College of Art and manager and researcher for ‘Tacitus’. She is a designer maker in the fields of jewellery and metalwork and by maintaining an experimental approach, research has become an integral part of her work.

More info on Ann Marie’s research project here:



Mike Eden

Axiatec Zcorp infiltrate


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