The Craft Blueprint – visions for the future?

October 15, 2008

The department for Creative & Cultural Skills (CC Skills) have in partnership with the Craft Council developed a plan for the future of craft, specifically in terms of education and training.

As part of the process of public consultation a draft of this document has been published for, it is available at this link:

The consultation process is open until the end of October 2008, you can submit you comments and reactions via an online form until then.
Also included in this process has been a series of discussions arranged around the regions of country. One of these was held at Bovey Tracy Town Hall in Devon on the 8th of October.

Autonomatic was present to raise several concerns about this blueprint. One of the main issues is that despite the document clearly listing information technology as one of the four main ‘drivers of change’ of the sector, there seems very little in terms of proposed actions in response to this.

Another key issue raised by Autonomatic was the lack of any mention of the growing amount of craft research carried out by an increasing number of practitioners studying for MPhils and PhDs degrees. It seems a really wasted opportunity not recognise and utilise the potential of the development of the sector that is carried out in this format.

So make sure that you read this document and voice any issues that you think might be relevant in this debate, this could actually end up being quite an defining stage for our creative field.



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