Making It Digital Project

September 10, 2008

 Making it Digital is a Hidden Art Cornwall (HAC) project run in collaboration with Autonomatic and funded by Arts Council England South Wes. The project is part of Hidden Art’s 2008 wider Innovative Routes to Market—linking London to Cornwall programme, which aims to close the gap from idea to market place by addressing the difficulties that designer-makers face to develop and get a new product to market.

 The project recognises that many designer-makers are locked out of the innovation revolution and are not accessing the available technologies, such as digital manufacturing, new materials and production processes. In order to address these issues, Making it Digital has enabled 11 designer-makers from London and Cornwall to work with the Autonomatic team in order to access and explore the potential of digital technologies available in the Design Centre. With the support that this project offers, participants are developing innovative new products which will be launched in Autumn 2008.

The first five images below are from an exhibition which was part of the HAC summer design fair at Godolphin House. It showcases work in progress and reveals some of the methods being employed by participants.

The last three images illustrate the work of one of the design teams.  Alongside using laser cutting and engraving technologies, they have been investigating the  use of the CNC router based at UCF as a drawing machine to translate hand drawn imagery onto flat wood panels, destined to become part of a piece of furniture.






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