3D Technologies in the Arts and Crafts – discussion day @ CFPR, Bristol

July 7, 2008

Isabelle and Tavs from Autonomatic were both invited to present at the3D Technologies in the Arts and Crafts discussion day hosted by ‘Centre for Fine Print Research’ (CFPR) at the ‘University of the West of England’ (UWE) in Bristol on the 25th of June.

Partly funded by Hewell Packard, CFPR has an impressive track record of pure and applied research within the subject of two-dimensional printing and now the centre has also expanded it’s research into the area of three-dimensions.

Dr Peter Walters and Dr Paul Thirkell are heading up at 5 year founded project investigating various aspect of research into the use of digital tools in three-dimensional applications.

Other presenters on the day included Steven Bottomly from Edinburgh College of Art, Andrew Folan from Ireland, Bruce Gernard from Central from Saint Martins, Michael Eden from the Royal College of Art, Dave Huson, Peter Walters, Paul Thirkell and research centre leader Steve Hoskins – all from CPFR.

Peter is also acting as external supervisor to Isabel’s PhD and Autonomatic and CFPR are working on establishing much closer links and currently exploring the possibility of doing a joint project in the near future…
CFPR’s web site here: http://amd.uwe.ac.uk/cfpr/

Overall a great day, but whether “I am forever changed, I will never be the same again” – I’m not sure -maybe not, or then again – perhaps I am.  



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