Link up with Distance Lab, Scotland

June 11, 2008

A small delegation (read one!) from Autonomatic was some of the visitors to Distance Lab’s third open day in the somewhat remote Forres in Northern Scotland.

Distance Lab bills itself as an “independent research institution” with the focus of:melding technology, design and the arts to transform communication, creativity and connectedness over a distance…”
The outfit is a very recent creation (from Jan 2007) but with a very formidable team with a broad range of skills.

This open day was successful in attracting an impressive gathering of researches from Microsoft, BT, and MIT as well as a good range of UK academic institutions.

The formal programme of the open day themed as: “Machined Craft and Haute Tech” featured talks by Peter Schmitt, PhD candidate from the MIT Media Lab and the fashion artist Di Mainstone. Introduction and summery was delivered by  Distance Lab’s director Stefan Agamanolis, also ex MIT.
The event also featured tours of the studios and workshops and an opportunity to test Distance Lab’s own invention the ‘Remote Impact’ which is an ‘interactive-beat-each-other-up-over-a-distance-exercising-apparatus’ – great fun but also really very exhausting. Check out the image below where Stefan is in the process of beating up some of his open day visitors.

The day following the official programme, the work of Autonomatic was presented by Tavs to an informal audience consisting of the Distances Lab’s staff and other visitors.  We really hope that the link up will lead to further interaction between Distance Lab and Autonomatic.



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