Drummond’s exhibits include 7 dish forms from his Star Tessellation series and a whisky cup with integrated terrain inside.

The exhibition has been curated by a panel of experts which included the ceramist, writer and curator Edmund de Waal, joined by Swedish craft and design critic Love Jönsson and Amanda Game.

Edmund de Waal comments:  As this is the first in a series of Jerwood Contemporary Makers exhibitions we have had the wonderful and challenging opportunity to conceive of it in an entirely new way. Rather than bringing makers together by discipline this exhibition brings seven artists from a diverse range of disciplines into dialogue with each other in the Jerwood Space. All of them are passionate about extending their practice and all of them are advocates for discovering innovative ways in which their art is seen and understood. It is a particularly exciting time for this exhibition to be happening: the applied arts are a thriving area of the visual arts and this is a great opportunity to see beautiful, lyrical, challenging work.’

Jerwood Contemporary Makers forms part of the Jerwood Visual Arts series.  Launched in 2006, Jerwood Visual Arts is a series of awards and prizes that celebrate a range of disciplines across the visual arts, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and digital moving image. 

Jerwood Contemporary Makers is on show at the Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London SE1, from 5 June – 20 July 2008

 Detail of Star dish    Jerwood private view


Here is an opportunity to purchase some of the results of the research undertaken at Autonomatic.
The annual Aldeburgh Festival is now underway (until to the 29th of June) and Tavs from Autonomatic is contributing by showing glass bowls at the  ‘Abstract’ show at the Strand Gallery. Pop by and have a look, or pop by and buy!

The gallery, which are showing some Europe’s best glass artists (such as Tobias Møhl and Massimo Micheluzzi) is open from 9.30 – 1pm and 4.30 – 7pm during summer months and the rest of the year: Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 1pm and 2 – 5pm (or by appointment)
More info here http://www.strandgallery.co.uk

Alternative if you find yourself in the West Country you can always find examples of Katie, Tavs and Drummond’s work for sale at the Wills Lane Gallery in St Ives: http://www.willslanegallery.co.uk/



A small delegation (read one!) from Autonomatic was some of the visitors to Distance Lab’s third open day in the somewhat remote Forres in Northern Scotland.

Distance Lab bills itself as an “independent research institution” with the focus of:melding technology, design and the arts to transform communication, creativity and connectedness over a distance…”
The outfit is a very recent creation (from Jan 2007) but with a very formidable team with a broad range of skills.

This open day was successful in attracting an impressive gathering of researches from Microsoft, BT, and MIT as well as a good range of UK academic institutions.

The formal programme of the open day themed as: “Machined Craft and Haute Tech” featured talks by Peter Schmitt, PhD candidate from the MIT Media Lab and the fashion artist Di Mainstone. Introduction and summery was delivered by  Distance Lab’s director Stefan Agamanolis, also ex MIT.
The event also featured tours of the studios and workshops and an opportunity to test Distance Lab’s own invention the ‘Remote Impact’ which is an ‘interactive-beat-each-other-up-over-a-distance-exercising-apparatus’ – great fun but also really very exhausting. Check out the image below where Stefan is in the process of beating up some of his open day visitors.

The day following the official programme, the work of Autonomatic was presented by Tavs to an informal audience consisting of the Distances Lab’s staff and other visitors.  We really hope that the link up will lead to further interaction between Distance Lab and Autonomatic.


The book/catalogue from ‘Perimeters, Boundaries and Borders”  exhibition at City Lab in Lancaster in 2006 is now (at last) available from the Lulu website: http://stores.lulu.com/fastuk

The publication is $18.95 but is also available to download for free at:

Both Justin Marshall and Tavs Jorgensen from Autonomatic were selected to exhibit at the PBB show and also invited to present in the associated symposium at University of Lancaster in September 2006.

The exhibition was a collaborative event involving Fast UK and Folly – part of the f.city festival of digital culture. An online archive of the exhibition is available on: http://perimeters.weebly.com/index.html

The exhibition was largely the result of the efforts of John Marshall who is now Assistant Professor at University of Michigan  – check out his blog on: http://designedobjects.blogspot.com/