Automake & FutureFactories at the Hub

February 4, 2008

Automake & Futurefactories

Digital design futures with Justin Marshall and Lionel Theodore Dean3 May – 8 June 2008

Automake and FutureFactories is a collaborative exhibition of innovative digital design to be held from 3 May – 8 June at the Hub: National Centre for Craft & Design.

Automake and FutureFactories brings together the work of two renowned practitioners – Justin Marshall (craftsperson/maker) and Lionel Theodore Dean (industrial designer) – who both work at the cutting edge of digital design in the UK. Automake and FutureFactories will explore the role of digital design in the creation of contemporary craft and design.

Automake and FutureFactories will showcase the processes explored by Marshall and Dean, as well as the results in a wide variety of forms from small-scale jewellery through to architectural scale pieces. The work exhibited is made from materials including metalwork, ceramic, plastics and milled wood.

Automake presents the work of Justin Marshall, a craftsperson/maker whose research has involved investigating the integration of a range of digital technologies into ‘traditional’ art and craft practices to facilitate the creation of innovative new work.

FutureFactories presents the work of Lionel Theodore Dean, an industrial designer who has acted as a consultant to the transport and interior products industry for twenty years. His research is based around the adoption of rapid prototyping for the mass individualisation of products.

Automake and FutureFactories represent different responses to the new regimes of production and consumption enabled by the emerging technologies of generative software and direct digital manufacture. Marshall and Dean question the traditional roles of producer and consumer, when the established system of mass-production is coming to an end. A significant section of the exhibition will allow visitors to interact with digital design software and create their own unique designs on screen, many of which will then be manufactured and exhibited in the gallery.

The works in Automake and FutureFactories highlight a number of crucial questions: What is the future role of the designer or craftsperson? What new skills will they require? Are new designations of practice required? Where exactly are the boundaries between art, craft and design?

The exhibition is part-sponsored by 3D Systems.

For more information contact Justin Marshall, or

The Hub: National Centre for Craft & DesignNavigation Wharf, Carre Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7TW Tel: +44 (0)1529 308710 Fax: +44 (0)1529 308711

silver-plated-form172-dpi.jpg sls-bowl-172dpi.jpg acrylic-model-72dpi.jpg sls-bangle-2-72dpi.jpg


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